long drives and the serenity meal

I covered a lot of territory on the interstate highways this week. This was consumed at one stop. The large cup has unsweetened iced tea. I switched to unsweetened long ago to avoid the calories, though the "food" has quite a caloric punch. I drink two cupfuls with the meal, then take one to go. That makes for about three bathroom stops in short order which reduces my driving greatly. Sometimes I stop to pee, and before I can walk all the way back to the truck, I have to go again. The worst thing is getting stopped in a traffic jam just after an iced tea session. Ouch!

4 responses to “long drives and the serenity meal

  1. :up: just as bad as I am on my short trips between schools. I should lose weight when I retire

  2. You can always try this :whistle: :

  3. I don't remember from where or when, but I think I remember that somehow. Good one.I've come close to that a few times.

  4. How many bottles would you fill, Dave?

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