long drives and the christian hostess

On my incessant long drives for work, getting sleepy is a real danger. When I feel that coming on, I turn on some FM radio that I know has a good chance of being strange (to me). I was tuning around the dial, and I heard a lady starting a radio show called, "How to be a Christian Hostess." Perfect, I thought, this will be strangely interesting, or at least somewhat funny, and I, in fact, might like to know how a Christian hostess is in case I might like to entertain as a hostess myself. Just call me Little Debbie, and I might have a snack for you!

If I had to distill her one-hour show into one sentence, it would be: if you're going to throw a dinner party, don't do it to f*** people over.

She told stories about how many get togethers she had attended over the years that had ulterior motives, like trying to hook her into multilevel marketing, pumping her for gossip, trying to cozy up to her radio show, or even worse, lol! I did begin to wonder how she'd gotten into so many situations like those.

Anyway, she had a good point: entertain altruistically, not to screw with people. For once, a show on FM that had some sense to it. I was hoping she had a recipe that I could try or a fashion suggestion, but nope. All I had to look forward to was stopping for diesel.

5 responses to “long drives and the christian hostess

  1. I just wonder if she had hair like cotton candy.

  2. Cotton candy is one of the major food groups. I can never decide on a favorite color.

  3. She did. I ate it. 🙂

  4. Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    Just call me Little Debbie

    It's a deal. Any, I'm Harriet at the weekends 😉

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