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as a teenager, having a “foreign” car

The old “foreign” cars were sometimes a disaster.

A long time ago, I had an English car, a Triumph TR-6. The electrical was 100% bad in it. The Lucas parts sucked, especially the alternator.

A mechanic modified the bracket and put an AC/Delco (General Motors) in it. That problem ended.

The distributor caps also cracked a lot. I could super glue them a few times but then would have to replace. I started stocking several at a time on a shelf.

I twisted an axle one time and had to wait 3 weeks for an expensive replacement from England. Somehow I put it in myself.

All that work just to enjoy a few minutes driving it every now and then when it decided to run.

Triumph owners used to joke, “well, at least it’s not a Fiat.” Talk about grasping at straws.

maintenance day

Pressures precise. All valves must have a cap, all fluids at top mark

car service

At the shop getting my Alfa Romeo serviced today.

Ha! lol. I DO NOT have an Alfa Romeo. They service other makes here, too.

stick shift

From the time I started legally driving, and for a long time thereafter, I viewed a standard (stick shift) transmission as something that made driving fun.

Then I got old and  now view it as something that makes my arthritic left knee hurt like hell. Pushing in that clutch is not always easy.

new alfa romeo

Having a tea as they get my new Alfa Romeo ready. $56,000.

Naw. I’m here for service on something else.

1973 cadillac eldorado (model)

500 cu in (8.2 L) V8