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stupid tankie telegram reading list

Why would anyone have a FU’ed reading list such as this one? Some stupid hopeless tankie dope, I guess.

Telegram (messenger) is real good for pulling in a diverse crop-o-reading.

telegram channel

I should create a Telegram channel just to rage my ass off. It might be satisfying to scream Into the wilderness.

mobile data

Some of ’emz really gobble down the data.

Both of those apps I use for heavy news gathering and sometimes another thing or two. Those videos, news and otherwise, eat it up.

Telegram is a messenger. RedReader is for Reddit. Both bring in tremendous amounts of news.

That 2 GB warning line no longer applies. That’s old. Data caps were removed by the carrier during covid lockdown and they never put them back.

news data gobbler

I don’t care. You can get a buttload of news on Telegram.

It has data-conserving settings, but I like the full experience.

net software faves

Various things we like for desktop computer for our everyday net business of high importance. We are very important đź’ˇ

Mobile list is similar with some variations.

Some we have used for a very long time. The web browsers handle so many things these days.