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quality journalism

That time a friend of mine said they believed it was important to pay for quality journalism, so they subscribed to the New York Times.

My intestines turned to ice water.

cyber hard

Lampooning the POTUS cyber-hardening statement a bit, I am seeing this:

— more sites than ever rejecting a VPN connection.

— sites requiring answers to all of the security questions at once, rather than just showing a random one

— pick-the-motorbus CAPTCHAS are even fuzzier than ever before, and you’re doing three screens of them regardless of your success

the test kits

The government sends out those covid test kits after hardly anybody gives a shit about it now.

archbishop romero

❤️ so much. 😢

Me da la esperanza.


teleSUR TV

El #monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero fue asesinado el #24Marzo de 1980 mientras oficiaba una misa, siendo nombrado mártir de la Iglesia en 2015

Conozca más sobre el Monseñor #ÓscarArnulfoRomero, el santo de América →

ridin’ it

What people are saying.

I was talking with a Republican today who was joking about Biden, which I don’t mind.

I said that maybe we’ll get Hillary back. (Joking. Nah.)

He said, “I’d certainly take her over what we’ve got now. At least I can understand her when she’s speaking.”

triple ripple whammy

A Target with a Starbucks. Couldn’t be better. Reading RT in the parking lot.

Just call me Satan.


Maybe certain things on Twitter cannot be shown.

la censura

Some of my favorite net reading, I’m having to use second and third-tier methods to get, but I’m still gittin’ it. For now.

a roll of the dice – try to enjoy it

Shall we play a game? 🎲


I want one of those “Russian state-affiliated media” labels for my Twitter account.

I used to be on Radio Moscow’s mailing list (from shortwave radio). That should be good enough.