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morning reading

I spent the morning of Jan. 1 reading about Haiti and Cuba. ❤️
#cuba #callehabana
ceramic street sign in havana cuba "calle habana"

ceramic street sign in havana cuba “calle habana”

wake me for the quran

We found an Awake shoved under our door. For whatever the reason, I yanked a Quran from the bookshelf and posed it for the picture.

All done just for the sake of posting.

#awake #quran #bible

bumper stickies

Might smell like patchouli in there.


dnc “survey” came in the mail

A “survey” that I received from the DNC (Democratic National Committee). I regret that I used a felt marker on it instead of opening a graphics program.

This survey doesn’t do much for me other than providing a target for analysis. There is little of the unexpected in it. I think that makes a point.

#dnc #democraticparty #survey

those healthy-eating word salads

I smile when some blank-profile keyboard warrior “word salads” an issue to lend credibility and appear to be intellectual.

It adds to the fun of sifting through the 5h1t. I’ve been a student of propaganda most of my life. I like it.

blocked again on facebook

I’m in Facebook jail again!

For the second time in a week, I’m blocked from my account. FB doesn’t like what I post, and all I post is garbage. Freakin’ kindergarten. The prohibited words seem to be “Russia” (last week) and “sodomy” (today).

I wish they’d save me the trouble and just delete my account. It would improve my life.

I’m liking MeWe and Mastodon more all the time.



It’s disappointing to see a friend with good politics dive off the nutcasin’ deep end. Maybe it happens to me, too, a little bit, sometimes. 🏊