2005 cuba trip

In 2005, my spouse and I sneaked over to Cuba from the USA via Cancun. I always wanted to see it, plus it was kind of a forbidden-fruit type of trip. Everything went great.

Once we got back home, we discovered that my cousin had been over there at the same time with her husband on their honeymoon. Like us, they had been low-key about it, so none of us knew about the others beforehand.

While there. We walked by plenty of portraits, and sometimes a bust, of people like José Martí, Fidel Castro, and Lenin. Not a single one of them rolled its eyes, hissed, or tried to touch us inappropriately.

In the pic below, we went to a book fair in Havana. We were so disappointed that the one in the pic kept blocking our camera view of the books. 😁

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