melanie again

I was enjoying some dear Melanie this morning. When I was a young’un, the school bus driver used to bring a radio, which was prohibited, but happened anyway. Lay Down (Candles in the Rain) was getting good airplay and would come on many mornings as we children were riding to school. Sometimes the entire bus would sing along. It was a great feeling when facing what was sometimes an unpleasant school day.

Melanie Safka is still living, age 75, and is sometimes on social media.

Song lyrics and poetry regularly pop into my head as I go about my days.

2 responses to “melanie again

  1. Commie peace lover’s music. Let me go paint a flower on my cheek.

    Haven’t heard this in years. I remember it playing in my brother’s VW bug and on the big Zenith console stereo in the den of the house. Her voice really wonderful and powerful. Still a really good song.

    • Good memory and yes on the commie. If somebody says, “you a commie or something?” I should respond, “Is that bad?” lol

      VW Bug probably had an AM radio of the brand Sapphire. Just something I remember. Fun to drive.

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