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tpir again

We’ve been getting into these 24/7 1980’s Barker-Era “The Price is Right” (TPIR) on PlutoTV.

There’s a lot to like:

— Danger! Contestants sometimes fall into the wheel.

— Sexism. “Women aren’t very good at Blank Check.”

— More sexism. Women have to reach into Barker’s coat pocket to get a $100 bill. Men, he just hands it to them.

— Porn. Barker’s Beauties.

— Backstory. The lawsuits.

— Weird racial comments. “You look like an Asian extraction.”

— Tension. Barker sometimes belittles or gets into it with contestants.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of family fun. There is something for everyone.


PlutoTV (streaming service) has very pleasant episodes of The Price is Right running 24/7.

I find the 1980s appliance brands intriguing: Gibson, Tappan, Speed Queen.

Also fun, the mildly pornographic Barker’s beauties.