creepy knife advert on TV

I like to notice advertising when it’s especially creative or weird. Last night’s ad that I noticed was weird. Creepy.

It was for a set of knives, super sharp knives, like the Yoshi Blade, but not that particular product.

Typical for this type of ad, the person was slicing up all kinds of difficult and hard objects, and then showing that the knife could still slice a ripe tomato perfectly.

The last item was an entire fish hanging in the air from its tail. It was the size of a large mackerel. I flinched because I knew what was coming. The person took a swipe at it, cutting it in half, and the front half of the fish fell to the floor. It might as well have been alive and wiggling, or maybe they could do the same to a cat hanging from its hind feet.

It just didn’t seem that the ad was well thought out, though the final ripe tomato was still sliced perfectly.

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