the latest washington stupid words

The sneak in like a mosquito in the night through a hole in the screen. It starts with a little word or phrase in the news that sounds a little strange, or focus group-y. My ears prickle slightly, and almost subconsciously I think, "stand by for a barrage of naked propaganda".

Within an hour every news outlet in the country is saying the new word or phrase. Funny how that works. By breakfast, I'll hear the words falling from the lips of ordinary people.

A couple of recent examples:

"job creators" (Ex. "don't tax the job creators")
"blank check" (Ex. "that would be like giving the President a blank check")

Yep, they're focus group words, gotta be. They are first tested on groups of people just like a company would test names for a new product, then they are released!

They are laughably bad propaganda words, but they fly like the wind.

2 responses to “the latest washington stupid words

  1. Indeed. I also did not like how people used to say "tzars" when referring to Obama officials that monitor one industry or another when money was being pumped into the economy. Although this tradition has been around for more than a century, you know, referring to someone as tzar and not knowing what tzars actually did.

  2. What's worrying me is that all of the buzz words/phrases discussed in both the post and the above reply have already appeared here in Britain. It's nice to know that our press is immune from foreign influence :doh:

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