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ussr camera

I just won this sweet Soviet USSR film camera on eBay. From the etching on the front bezel, it looks to be a 1980 Summer Olympic games edition. I hope somebody was there taking pictures with it.

I always thought the Soviet-era cameras were pretty. ❤️

Not much of the 1980 Moscow games was carried on US television, but I happened to be in Guadalajara that summer and watched a helluva lot of it on Mexican TV. It was carried in full, there.

old ussr straight key


It’s an old USSR military straight key. It’s supposed to be bolted to a table and hooked to a radio, not held in the hand. 📡

video link of key in action

wrist soviet

That’s a sexy AF wrist. Wanna lick it?

ussr italodisco

Eddy Huntington – USSR was on my ItaloDisco 80’s music stream this morning. Gotta be a, umm, I dunno! Psyop?


oh god cccp

I went into The Fresh Market (bourgeois supermarket) today for a few things, then when I returned to my car, these were on the dash.

I feel threatened.

Somebody is firing a warning shot across the bow.

cccp pin

I just got this pin from Amazon. LOL. There’s more on the way.

time for some soviets

Just arrived. My new old watch from the USSR. Brian finds these things on eBay.

secret soviet communication device

This is one of the items from my Ukrainian package. It’s called a straight key, CW key, or Morse code key.

It’s been about 40 years since I regularly used the code. It’s time to get back in shape for those special communications. 😉

I’m sending real code in the video, but it’s sloppy because of lack of practice for so many decades.



Vintage Soviet military telegraph key. The material of the platform is Bakelite (Russian carbolite), the mechanism is steel. Used in the past in the radio bureau of the USSR Ministry of Defense.

Video of me sending code on the key

ukranian secrets

This package just arrived today from the Ukraine. We have another one coming next week from Russia.

This contains my national election influencer kit. I paid a little extra for the deluxe kit that includes state and local, but I got a discount with the shopping code: VictoriaNuland.

la guerra fria

The Cold War lives on to this day with renewed enthusiasm. I like citizen diplomacy. I had a Ham Radio station and license all through high school (1970’s). I had many radio friends in the USSR.

The Johnny Carson interview in this is tops. This reminds me of my 6th grade class (about 1970). Cold War was running hot. A student asked, “Teacher, why do the Russians want to kill us?” She replied, “They don’t. Some child like you there is asking the same thing about us right now.”


In 1982, a 10-year-old American wrote to the head of the U.S.S.R. He wrote back and she became our youngest diplomat.