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ussr camera

I just won this sweet Soviet USSR film camera on eBay. From the etching on the front bezel, it looks to be a 1980 Summer Olympic games edition. I hope somebody was there taking pictures with it.

I always thought the Soviet-era cameras were pretty. ❤️

Not much of the 1980 Moscow games was carried on US television, but I happened to be in Guadalajara that summer and watched a helluva lot of it on Mexican TV. It was carried in full, there.

shooting birds with a camera

How we shoot birds.

meet the swinger

The inside of a Polaroid Swinger camera was the perfect size for a young teenager to hide a pack of cigarettes. You could leave it right on a shelf in the bedroom and no one would suspect.

After my brother stole my pack a second time, I watered his little pot garden with gasoline. 🌿😈

nikon coolpix s6300 on xubuntu – slight issue – tutorial

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burning man – lost cameras department

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polaroid pic just two years ago

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