secret soviet communication device

This is one of the items from my Ukrainian package. It’s called a straight key, CW key, or Morse code key.

It’s been about 40 years since I regularly used the code. It’s time to get back in shape for those special communications. 😉

I’m sending real code in the video, but it’s sloppy because of lack of practice for so many decades.



Vintage Soviet military telegraph key. The material of the platform is Bakelite (Russian carbolite), the mechanism is steel. Used in the past in the radio bureau of the USSR Ministry of Defense.

Video of me sending code on the key

2 responses to “secret soviet communication device

  1. Good for You !! My radio hobby extends only to listening. Used t be shortwave, but I find I’ve used my scanners more and my SDR Dongles even more.
    Although in a small city there is not much going on, radio-wise I find the weather is best through the Environment Canada station or NOAA station.
    Was considering getting into Ham but books / courses, exam fees, then equipment, well I’d rather get a HackRF and GNURadio Companion. As well there are several decent SDR software packages for eithe Windoze or Linux available.

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