long walks in abandoned shopping centers

I guess I'm into post-industrial urban decay. When travelling for work, the hotels I stay in are often located in what I call clusters, or pods. Just off the highway, there will be a nest of several hotels with acres of connected parking lots. Nearby there will usually be miles of nearly connected strip shopping centers which are more and more in stages of advanced decay. Here's another post of mine where I talk about the Mad Max feelings I get when I walk huge strips of abandoned decay.

Here is a little rambling about today's walk.

Image #1: This image only shows about 1/3 of a huge abandoned shopping center. Walking these places is good exercise and clears my head. The look of this place is increasingly typical of America in general. I almost don't know where anyone is working.

Image #2: In or near the ramshackle shopping centers, there will usually be a K-Mart, which is a national symbol of decay. On today's walk, I indeed ran into a K-mart. The first thing that jumped out at me was this tasteful poster of Justin Bieber. I was thinking about Justin because a good friend of mine on myopera is having some Justin Bieber angst, so I took this picture for him.

Image #3: The next stop inside the K-Mart was the DVD department where you can always find good cinema at giveaway prices. In this post I talk about scoring "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" at another K-Mart. Today's DVD find was the 1973 blaxploitation film, Coffy, starring Pam Grier. When I was a teenager, I remember when this film came to theaters in town because back then I listened to a lot of urban contemporary FM radio where the adverts for the movie ran hot and heavy. Pam Grier was a native of nearby Winston-Salem, North Carolina, so she had a big following in the area. The taglines in the radio adverts for "Coffy" were a little weird sounding by today's standards. I remember these two booming from the radio:

"Coffy, she'll cream ya"


"Coffy is the color of her skin."

I never went to see "Coffy", so now I can.


10 responses to “long walks in abandoned shopping centers

  1. Abandoned complexes – Thats where Justin Bieber belongs!

  2. LOL. Thanks for mentioning my angst with the beibs.Looks like Shaunak De is sharing some of my anger of Justin Beiber. 😆

  3. How do I describe this without it being a blatant plug for my blog because this isn't meant to be that? Firstly, guys, I'm checking out your blogs. Anyway, on my niece's recent ninth birthday she said to me about the television advertisment for Beiber's upcoming film. She said to me that they say never say never but they've just said it twice. All I could do was agree with her.

  4. decodedthought

    Originally posted by Shaunak:

    Abandoned complexes – Thats where Justin Bieber belongs!


  5. operainchicago

    And I suppose it was 65 degrees out or higher? :sherlock:

  6. I finally saw "Coffy" about three years ago – and I laughed so hard! She'll cream ya indeed!

  7. Originally posted by madego:

    I finally saw "Coffy" about three years ago – and I laughed so hard! She'll cream ya indeed!

    Lol. I thought for sure I had bought a one-of-a-kind.

  8. Originally posted by JoshuaPhelps:


    I think we should make "Coffy" a mandatory myopera group movie. I think we can really run with this cream thing.


  10. Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    I think we can really run with this cream thing.

    …run it into the ground, say I. The movie's best line – which I use every now and again:- "You want to spit on me and make me crawl?":lol:

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