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1BR – movie

“1BR is a 2019 American horror film written and directed by David Marmor”

To kick off the holiday, I watched this horror movie. It really worked. I cried out for mercy several times and was disturbed. Stressful and frightening. Good movie.


the good things devils do – movie

I rented this one last night. I thought it would be something I would really like.


The Good Things Devils Do

— horror
— indie
— low -budget
— nearly local film company in Asheville North Carolina

All of those points appealed to me. I often like low budget indie films.

I was disappointed, because SuttleFilm of Asheville has a lot of movies out. If this one was good, I was going to rent several more.

Not worth it. I was mostly bored and frustrated with the movie. I was not scared a single time. Characters were flat, and there was little to no plot. It was hard to tell if it was a parody movie making fun of the genre.

This might be strange to say, but a positive point was that the gore was well done, frequently artfully so. Also, the sets were pretty in a horror sort of way. I liked them.

The reviews for this movie were good, but I think they were basically press releases repeated over and over. Book and movie reviews seem to be mostly a game in this way.

I’ll keep looking, because I’m really in the mood for some good horror and have some time to watch it.

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