pinhead – my hero

"The Angel of Suffering" and "The Dark Prince of Pain".

As Halloween is rapidly approaching, it's time to give thanks for Pinhead and all he has done. He's one of my favorite characters of the horror genre. Pinhead is the lead Cenobite from the Hellraiser series of movies. The captures below are from Hellraiser III – Hell on Earth, part of which was filmed in my hometown of Greensboro, North Carolina. It was sometimes exciting while the movie was being filmed here. I'd hear things blowing up in the downtown late at night. The cast and crew would sometimes show up at the bars downtown.

Happy Halloween Pinhead. :heart:

Pinhead was known for his weird monologues in the movies.
Here are a couple of my favorites:

"Don't debate with me girl.
Just come here and die
while you still have the option of doing it quickly."


"Still hungry? Ready for something that screams?"

3 responses to “pinhead – my hero

  1. I like when Pinhead goes off on a lengthy monologue. Some of the things he says are WEIRD!

  2. Yeah, I love pinhead and his mates. I simply like the genre of movies. And Hellraiser was quite a concept, with the cube as a gate. I mean who would be able to resist toying with it, right? And when push comes to shove, one can always count on Pinhead 😉

  3. I don't think I have yet seen the third movie, but I will , without a doubt. All the things these guys say are weird, untill you see them as masters, the ones that know of suffering, pain and eternity. Have a nice day 😆

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