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silent movie – the mysterious lady – 1928

Last night Brian and I watched MGM’s next-to-last silent movie, The Mysterious Lady (1928). It was on TCM channel (Turner Classic Movies).

Sometimes I cannot stay engaged with silent movies because the print is bad, projection speed is wrong, and/or the music is bizarre. TCM had one of the most perfect presentations of a silent I’ve ever seen in this one, and it made it easy to follow.

Another reason it was easy to follow, stars Greta Garbo and Conrad Nagel did wonderful acting and were roaring hot. I kept hoping that they would strip each other down to the skin. Those two would later star in MGM’s last silent, The Kiss (1929). I need to see that one sometime.

It was quite the experience, being that I’m not used to silent films. All that from the years my parents were being born.

In the 1980’s, I watched many Mexican silents in an art house cinema in Guadalajara. It was a great way to learn the language. It’s much easier to understand short blasts of written Spanish on the screen than constant audio. One helped me graduate into another and see great movies at the same time.


morgue (movie)

This just came out on Blu-ray disc.

Very good horror movie. I was pleased.

“Morgue is a Paraguayan thriller horror film directed and produced by Hugo Cardozo.”

In Spanish with English subtitles.


filme / cine eeuu

Here is a photo of a cinema marquee 1970’s Mexico City. Source: https://www.facebook.com/laciudaddemexicoeneltiempo/photos/a.195987210423307/4113208842034438/

To it I add two pics I took in 2005 in Havana Cuba at the Yara cinema. Gringo movies, lol. “Filme Nortemericano” or “cine norteamericano” or I guess could be “cine estadounidense.”

1BR – movie

“1BR is a 2019 American horror film written and directed by David Marmor”

To kick off the holiday, I watched this horror movie. It really worked. I cried out for mercy several times and was disturbed. Stressful and frightening. Good movie.


the good things devils do – movie

I rented this one last night. I thought it would be something I would really like.


The Good Things Devils Do

— horror
— indie
— low -budget
— nearly local film company in Asheville North Carolina

All of those points appealed to me. I often like low budget indie films.

I was disappointed, because SuttleFilm of Asheville has a lot of movies out. If this one was good, I was going to rent several more.

Not worth it. I was mostly bored and frustrated with the movie. I was not scared a single time. Characters were flat, and there was little to no plot. It was hard to tell if it was a parody movie making fun of the genre.

This might be strange to say, but a positive point was that the gore was well done, frequently artfully so. Also, the sets were pretty in a horror sort of way. I liked them.

The reviews for this movie were good, but I think they were basically press releases repeated over and over. Book and movie reviews seem to be mostly a game in this way.

I’ll keep looking, because I’m really in the mood for some good horror and have some time to watch it.

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