the exorcist

I remember when The Exorcist came out in paperback decades ago. I was probably 13 then. The hardback had already caused quite a controversy, so even though I was barely a teenager, I decided I had to read this. It was heavy reading for someone that young, but teachers had always told me to stretch for things that were a little too difficult.

When it came out in paperback, it immediately sold out all over town. I called every bookstore in town and finally found one that had three copies left. They said they would hold one for me.

I asked my mom, "can you take me across town to Straughan's Bookstore?" When we got there, I said, "can I have three dollars to buy something?" 😆 I went in to get the book. Straughan's was run by two very elderly ladies who looked grisly to someone who was 13. They said, "there ya go sonny" as they slid my book into a bag like I was buying a Penthouse.

I went back to the car. My mom saw the book and only said, "eww". My parents really didn't give a shit what I read. They were just pleased that I was reading. I liked it that way.

I did a report on the book for school. The teacher was shocked that I would read such a novel, but she was impressed with my effort. My propensity for all things bizarre had started so early.

So, that's my encounter with "The Exorcist". Years later, Tim Conway and Carol Burnett would do a hilarious comedy skit about the movie version on The Carol Burnett Show on CBS.

2 responses to “the exorcist

  1. I saw the film before I read the book (the book is better than the film but that's another blog post 😉 ). With another guy and this girl that we hung around with at the time, I watched it at a midnight showing at the cinema. The Exorcist was still to be allowed on general release in Britain so at that time the cinema was the only place to see it. Throughout the screening, blokes were leaving the cinema with their girlfriends – the young ladies were all finding it too much to watch (why did the men think that this would make a good venue for a date?) At the end of the film the other guy turned to me and we both said, "That was good." We then realised we were minus a female friend. We found her hiding underneath the seats. She had hidden there rather than disturb us watching the film. What a girl!

  2. Originally posted by harrytheman:

    We found her hiding underneath the seats

    Her head was turning round and round. :devil:

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