monday movie madness – mysterious skin

Tonight's film was Mysterious Skin starring the rather fetching Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It was a sad-as-hell movie, but it was an "indie" (I like those), and the video store had the unrated director's cut, so you get to see the entire film as the director intended.

Though it was a shocking sad film, some parts were fun, so here are some screen captures* of those parts. I liked the AMC Gremlin a lot. I wanted one of those bad when I was about to get my license, but my dad said, "no way!" :p

*Screenshots are legal in the US under "Fair Use". These are also of reduced size and quality and are intended to aid in commentary on the film.

12 responses to “monday movie madness – mysterious skin

  1. I like the last picture. 🙂

  2. I think you should! 😀 Please notify me if you do. :up:

  3. Like in the pic above, kiss someone of ambiguous gender. It adds to the drama.

  4. 😀 Yay! I should probably start making videos again and re-enacting that scene with another person?

  5. You'll be the first to know of it!

  6. Will do! What kind of kiss…. (Hint: I prefer French.. Would that be alright in the, hopefully, upcoming release of my short-clip?)

  7. Originally posted by XxTatteredXSoulXx:

    I like the last picture. 🙂

    Imagine that! Me, too. 😀 :up: :heart:

  8. Joseph Gordon-Levitt:love: :flirt: :heart:

  9. I know what you mean. 😉

  10. the chicks hot lmao

  11. Love this movie…and its sountrack espicially

  12. Originally posted by Navich:

    Love this movie…and its sountrack espicially

    Me tooooo! I might have to watch it again. Got the soundtrack and playing it excessively. :heart:

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