just slicing up a few things

A quick fun story in pictures. I thought I’d slice up some apples for dehydration then go on a bike ride. Change of plans. Good thing I’m still off from work for awhile.

Home kitchen tools can be dangerous, especially cheap ones like that slicer.

In short, some shit’s gone under the bandage. It was a close call but didn’t do the ER. Urgent care got me evaluated, treated, and wrapped up well enough for followup tomorrow.

Nerve endings are waking up to the new configuration and are now on a rampage. Nice pain med putting them back to sleep. I feel woozy and good! lol. Trying to clean up the mess I left in the house now. Lot of it dripped all. over.

Pic 1: the apple corer works extremely well.

Pic 2: starting thin apple slices on the mandoline slicer. Good thing I didn’t have it set to julienne.

Pic 3: view of hospital from urgent care center.

Pic 4: bleeding stopped. Followup care tomorrow.

2 responses to “just slicing up a few things

  1. Yikes. Get well soon!

  2. Damn, I’m just now seeing this! Guess I’m getting you one of those chain mail food service gloves for your birthday. Looking forward to hearing how the follow-up goes.

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