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breakfast in denny’s

Morning off from work. Heck yeah!

Very good.


No telling where I’m having breakfast this morning.

the fruit in denny’s

Denny’s in Battleboro, North Carolina.

Denny’s has always had an adorable menu, but it’s especially cute now with their social media influencers.

Mind-blowingly good breakfast. Look at that fruit cup.

Denny’s always reminds me of a wonderful experience I had in one in Guadalajara, Mexico, early 1980s

I was still closeted, sad, and afraid of everything. Pre-Internet, it wasn’t easy to find out things. I was heading home and was eating alone in downtown Guadalajara Denny’s late on a weekend night.

A table of nice looking guys kept looking over at me. One of them finally said, “are you going to come over here and sit with us, or what?” They took me to a series of fabulous nightclubs that weekend, in effect, yanking me out of the closet. It really turned my life around.

39 years later and I still know some of the guys from that table and their families. ❤️