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fitness walk to liquor store

The supermarket salad, plus walking to get all of it, makes this a real health and fitness maneuver. Those bottles are heavy.

It brought out my rippling biceps to carry all that. 🏋️🍸

(image: bottle of triple sec, bottle of amaretto, box of salad)

adequate, but slightly incompatible


This doesn’t really work. Do not attempt at home.

empty bottle

Houston, we have a problem.

stocking up on the necessities

We currently have slightly more than a gallon (4.25 liters) of amaretto over here.

We decided to lay in a supply in case there’s a shortage of this important “formula.”


Saturday night amaretto. 🥃

amaretto again

With rampant inflation, it’s best to lay in a supply. These are big bottles. We are grateful to Italy for many things.

ZERO risk of addiction.

get the large bottles and save

Went for a walk to increase strength and stamina and accidentally came back with these. Well, ok, I took a reusable shopping bag with me.

Couple of holidays coming up, so might as well stock up with the Val-U-Size. The more U drink, the more U save. These will actually last a long time. 😉

The added weight of the shopping bag walking back home increased my heart rate, so all in all, a good cardio and muscular strengthening exercise. 🏋️

the big bottle

We got another val-U-size today. The more U drink the more U save.

medicinal purposes

Val-U-Size. The more you drink, the more you save.