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new years eve ride

I’m tryin! Self rehab. It’s working ok. 🚴

I’m in the mini-mansion area, none of which are mine. The regular-size mansion area is not far away where that Postmaster General lives.

We live near the former mill worker housing and the Colony of Sears (coloniam de Sears)

day ride

Continuing with my DIY rehab, i.e. cycling.


One is behind the old Sears warehouse on Lawndale. Sometimes I imagine that the entire building is full of people in cages being transited.

The other is Cone Boulevard tunnel. So pleasant to go underneath all that busy car traffic.

bike ride – first

Five weeks after knee surgery, and look at this. I can ride a bike.

Today was my first street ride. Previously, I only rode the bike on a trainer. My physical therapist coached me yesterday on how to handle it safely getting on and off and street riding. It worked.

This bicycle has made my physical therapy a big success. 🚴


I went on a bike ride today to help my arthritic knee. It’s one of the best things.

I am now old enough to take Social Security. Still mulling over what to do about that.