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cafe amurrican

Plenty of time today to enjoy a second Americano coffee (Caffè Americano).

The moka pot makes six shots of espresso which I pour into a large mug and dilute a little with hot water.

This is my second one, so twelve shots for me today. Maybe there will be an incident! 😅 Probably too much, lol.

horrible moka pot accident

I was standing directly over the sink unscrewing it and lost my grip on it, but instead of falling into the sink, oh no, it falls on the floor.

My entire weekend is ruined. lol

coffee puck

Hey, nice puck! 🏒

coffee and internet saturday morning

It’s moka pot coffee day. ☕ 🙂

moka pot

Opening some of those Christmas gifts. Brian got me a Moka pot. ❤️ ☕


Desperate for a shot and the ‘Bux is closed.

coffee puck

A puck.

I finally found a gasket for my moka pot, so I can make espresso at home again.

A moka pot is sometimes referred to as a stove-top espresso maker. Bialetti of Italy makes a lot of them.

headlong coffee rush

I have a moka pot (AKA caffettiera or Bialetti) that makes six little cups of espresso. I like to make each batch at capacity, pour all six into one coffee mug, and start my day that way. I might ought to stop doing that, but once in awhile I enjoy it very much. The rush can be nice unless I’m in the middle of Charlotte traffic or the like, then I have to do mental calming maneuvers.

One time I ordered a large iced coffee in a bookstore. It was so good that I gulped it down. Before I left the store, I stopped myself a couple of times by thinking, “did I just scream?” ☕ 😱