if you notice something, make a little note

Things like this are fascinating to me. There are a lot of public flight trackers available. A good one is mentioned in the article.

I remember during the rendition flights (I assume they’re still going on), people would spot a plane with strange markings at Miami, for example, and comment about it in a forum. Another person would post that they later saw it parked at London Heathrow. Etc. Curious eyes would track it around the globe.

This shows the potential power of just making notes of things that you see. You never know.

“Classic Air Charters — the same company used as part of the CIA’s black site rendition program during the Bush administration”, also flies ICE detainees with Covid all around the world.

Another one is called Swift Air. There are so many.

Those companies love to fly and it shows! There’s something special in the air.

Exporting COVID-19: ICE Air Conducted Deportation Flights to 11 LAC Countries, Flight Data Shows

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