yet another chomsky interview

While many of my "homeland" compatriots will double over in spasms at the mention of Noam Chomsky, I find him to be a rigorous intellectual with refreshing warmth as a human being. Man, he's getting old. It will be hard to fill that upcoming void.

Chomsky and RMS do more talks and interviews than anybody. RMS shows the strain sometimes – the water bottle smashing incident. I always take something away from a talk by either one.

I read this Chomsky interview today: "Beyond Fascism." It has some nice points about a lot of basics. I even got some unexpected advice on death and dying.

The entire domain has enough things to read to keep one busy until the end of one's time.

4 responses to “yet another chomsky interview

  1. OMG! :yikes: 😆

  2. Did I ever tell you about my Noam Chomsky tramp stamp?

  3. Wait 'til you see my Howard Zinn tattoo… Uh huh.

  4. Both sexy fuckers.

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