late-night road snack

Sometimes I get a craving for weird things while travelling for work. Cottage cheese? Why did this happen to me?

The netbook is running Lubuntu, BTW. Good hotel wifi that night.

8 responses to “late-night road snack

  1. I love the Target-branded Pride Bottle. Shrewd marketing.Cottage cheese is bad.:heart:

  2. Originally posted by 0x29a:

    I love the Target-branded Pride Bottle. Shrewd marketing.

    It's a special "pride" line of merch offered annually for that special month.Originally posted by 0x29a:

    Cottage cheese is bad.

    Cravings usually involve something next to horrible. One of my mom's old favorites was a tall glass full of crumbled cornbread filled to the top with buttermilk. Eaten with a soup spoon.After eating that nightmare, she'd just put the glass on the sink without rinsing it out. Steel wool would hardly get that stuff off the glass.I was anal about the kitchen when I was a teenager. It would piss me off what slobs my parents sometimes were. Now, I'm the slob.I was always butch. While my friends were playing golf and boating, I was in the kitchen all one summer experimenting with quiches. My Grape Nuts quiche was a hit. It was merely a modification of the recipe right on the box.I actually did play some golf, too. lol.Kinda miss those days sometimes. Just a little. Things are actually better now.

  3. Golfing and boating. I'm misrepresenting that a little.Golfing: nobody I knew, including myself, had a set of clubs that matched.Boating: one friend had a bass boat that he towed with a Jeep. Not exactly a yacht by a long shot. It was an OK bass boat with a decent enough engine that if you ran it full throttle, you could tow a water skier with it, almost.Most of my school friends worked on cars, things like Pintos and Vegas.Charmed life! lol.

  4. You think that's an odd snack, the food I combine together would make people cringe.

  5. Originally posted by JoshuaPhelps:

    the food I combine together would make people cringe.

    I have to be more careful now, but when I was younger, one of my favorite breakfasts was old cold pizza and a glass of orange juice. I guess that's actually a bit tame.

  6. We may have the same taste in foods then. 😆

  7. When I was a youngin', one of my favorite snacks was smearing Miracle Whip™ on a piece of white bread, and then microwaving it for about a minute if I recall. The thought almost makes me want to vomit now.

  8. Originally posted by 0x29a:

    Miracle Whip™

    Those famous names. Velveeta is another that comes to mind. Kraft makes the best stuff. :yikes:

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