biscuits that are so expensive

Only 150 USD each!

I saw this while on my sweaty afternoon walk today.

14 responses to “biscuits that are so expensive

  1. :yikes: that's a bit expensive I hope they come on solid gold plates that you can take home with you

  2. "Famous chicken N biscuits"? What does it mean by "biscuits"? I can't think of anything I've seen served with chicken that could reasonably be called biscuit in advertising and be understood by potential clientele.BTW, very proud of using the word "clientele". :happy:

  3. I know some women that forget that too 😆

  4. lifeguardlifer

    it must b a typo, and forgot the period

  5. lifeguardlifer

    i bet you know sum who can't tell a period from pms

  6. :yes: 😆

  7. lifeguardlifer

    Isn't that the south, I would say 'how's u'

  8. The only decent fast-food biscuits around here are at Biscuitville. They are natural looking and taste buttermilk-y.Bojangle's biscuits are a synthetic yellow color from whatever liquid glop is brushed over them. Sound good? lol. Probably a lot of hydrogenated whatevers in it.When in any of these southern biscuit places in the morning, I don't talk to any of the tables full of crusty old men discussing the day's news and events. The most I'll say is , "hi, how you?" (no verb). I don't want to get involved. I usually find what I overhear to be revolting.

  9. lifeguardlifer

    rotflolhow's about 'what's ho' shakespeare?

  10. Originally posted by lifeguardlifer:

    I would say 'how's u'

    Bonus points for a subject/verb mismatch, but for now I'm going to stick with my verbless greeting. 😆


  12. Originally posted by SharkfinUK:


    Good point. I think in different parts of the world, a biscuit is a different thing.In this area, good ones should look similar the ones in the picture in this link: biscuits that come in a tube that you bang on a countertop to explode out into pre-cut dough pieces can be yummy. The dough is quite good eaten raw even though the warning on the tube says not to. Pillsbury is the famous maker of these.

  13. Ah, thanks. Bloody Americans, ruining our language since 1776. 😛

  14. Originally posted by SharkfinUK:

    Bloody Americans, ruining our language since 1776.

    Lol. Love it. 😆

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