judge judy is ready to rule

Uh oh, I've been hit.

Previous experiences with this type thing were:

  • Call the night before to a pre-recorded message. It will say whether to show up or forget about it. I've had several of each.
  • Showing up. Sometimes I've sat in a waiting room for several hours with the jury pool, then got dismissed. Take plenty to read and a full phone battery as seats near power outlets are fought over. Two TV's in the waiting room will be roaring away on horrible daytime programming, and people will shout things at the screen.
  • One time I made it all the way to the final cut in the courtroom, then got eliminated. I like to think it was because I look competent.

7 responses to “judge judy is ready to rule

  1. JoshuaPhelps

    I hope I never get summoned.

  2. Originally posted by JoshuaPhelps:

    I hope I never get summoned.

    It's not too bad unless the date is when you had something big planned. Every time I buy plane tickets to somewhere, that damned summons will come in the mail. When that happens, I write a polite letter stating the dates of my trip. I've always been granted a reschedule.For some people it is a major hardship. If you're living hand to mouth and have to miss work, for example. Some employers will pay you for the day anyway, but not all. The compensation from the county is minimal.

  3. I did jury service here in the UK when I was 18. Barely eligible and my name pops up immediately. I enjoyed it though – especially as I did a murder trial.Never called up again in the nearly 20 years since. Do you get more summons' over there because the area covered by a particular court is small, or what?

  4. Originally posted by SharkfinUK:

    Do you get more summons' over there because the area covered by a particular court is small, or what?

    I haven't been called up to jury service yet. Might be because I used to be a Civil Servant.

  5. Originally posted by SharkfinUK:

    Do you get more summons' over there because the area covered by a particular court is small, or what?

    I'm not sure how the frequency of service is determined. I used to get the summons quite frequently, but it has been years since my last one. There are certain maximums. If you are required to show up, even if you're dismissed immediately, you cannot be recalled for a certain length of time.In this area, jury service names are taken from voter registration rolls. If not registered, you'll not get called, supposedly. With the goal of disenfranchising so many people these days, I wonder if the same people also get removed from jury service.

  6. I'll bet I got called about a half dozen times, maybe more. Was able to go once but was eliminated and was paid for my day. All the other times I had young children and was a stay at home mom, except for the last one, which I never officially got. I'd been divorced for a few years and my ex happened to give me my summons about six months late. I responded to correct the address but they sent another to the same old address of my ex. Needless to say, I didn't respond as I was in the process of moving to Fargo. I always wondered why my ex was never summoned and asked him. He said he had been many times and just threw them in the garbage. What a surprise. Italians just seem to get away with stuff I guess.

  7. Hey PW. Long time.Maybe nothing will happen on a no-show depending on where you live.Here in NC, even if you never receive the summons, due to misdelivery or whatever, and you fail to appear if called, you get flagged in a police database. Later on if you're stopped for a routine traffic event, you can get hauled in for a failure to appear. Yuck.Now that the Supreme Court has given the green light for DNA swabbing, I think the police will be looking to bring everybody in for any little thing.

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