steak und shake

Hay que hacerlo de vez en cuando.

6 responses to “steak und shake

  1. Strictly linguistic question:How do "de cuando en cuando" and "de vez en vez" differ from "de vez en cuando" such that they are incorrect?Hasta luego hombre,0x29a

  2. I don't know. A good part of my Spanish is memorizing plug-in phrases, and "de vez en cuando" is one of those. My grammar isn't tops.I picked up tons of those phrases by watching movies in English with Spanish subtitles while in Mexico. I'd hear the English, and bam, the Spanish would be on the screen. I found it to be a pleasurable flash-card-like learning tool.Another good plug-in is tener + que + any_verb_you_want.It means "to have to".So, as a beginning Spanish student, I could just learn to say "tengo que" (I have to) plus any unconjugated verb I wanted, and conjugating verbs on the fly is hell for a new learner.It made me sound like a simple brute sometimes, but it got me talkin'.Tengo que ir al baño. (Go baffroom!)Some of my early teachers emphasized vocabulary, figuring that the verbs and grammar would come along later as needed. Other teachers taught verbs almost exclusively figuring it more quickly made the learner independent (i.e you can learn a few verbs and make sentences all day).I had more success with the verbs-first method. I picked up the vocabulary later as interest and need dictated.

  3. Everything you need to grow !! 😆 :chef:

  4. Capitaine!Spanish is the only language, aside from English, that I have worked on in a serious way. I cannot do much with French, but Spanish made me able to see root words in French and gave me a light reading ability in it. I love the Romance languages. I love French and the Frenchies. I also love Italians, but they are noisy and break things.

  5. De vez en cuando, pero no con demasiada frecuencia de otra manera atención en libras !! :lol:The Romance languages is a very beautiful and the French man is a cool guy and more discreet :up:

  6. Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    I love French and the Frenchies.

    Everything I know about the French I learned from Eddie Izzard(NSFW).;)

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