song lyric torture

Riffs that run through the head and make one crazy. For some reason it's English/Spanish week. It's awful to be walking along and find myself lightly singing some Sheryl Crow (Soak Up the Sun). My maturity level is once again in the gutter.

These are the bothersome versions that won't leave me alone. I've got those Gloria voices in my head.

  • Gloria, faltas en el aire, falta tu presencia, cálida inocencia (Tozzi)
  • Gloria, you're always on the run now, running after somebody (Brannigan)
  • Sex drive, it sees no gender or color, so let's get together and collide with each other, sex drive (Dead or Alive)
  • Ay Mamá Inés, todos los negros tomamos café (Desi Arnaz)
  • Ramble on, ramble on, when your ramblin' days are gone (Nat King Cole)
  • Si no te hubieras ido seria tan feliz (Maná or Solis, either one)
  • Changes, turn and face the strange (Bowie)
  • No me digas adios, no me digas adios, llorando (Mandingo)
  • Don't, have to look no more, here I am, I'm your man (Manilow)

One response to “song lyric torture

  1. makes you wonder sometimes how these lyrics get stuck in your head, don't it…lol

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