burning man is still in our hearts a year later

It was a year ago this very night that we were heading out to Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada. We have been nostalgic about it all week. Burning Man is a life-changing experience, and the trek across Nevada to get there is so beautiful.

Burning Man 2010 starts tonight and our thoughts are with the thousands who are making their approach on it at this very moment. We can't go this year but hope to again as soon as possible. From North Carolina it is a 5-day drive to get there, plus a week at the festival, then 5 days to get back home. It's not easy to arrange the money and that much time off from work. We are crossing our fingers in the hopes of making it back there again next year.

Prior posts about our trip there in 2009 are here, here, and here, plus the entire photo set on flickr.

Ahhh, we miss it so.

A few memories:

Image #1: Long steep grades up hills in the hot deserts of Nevada overheated our truck a few times, but it sure was pretty out there.
Route 163

Image #2: Camping in the desolate Nevada desert on the Extraterrestrial Highway near the Nevada Test Site.
Secluded Boondocking Site

Image #3: Cooling our "rig" and filling our tummies in the only place for food for many many miles: Rachel, Nevada.
The Rig at the Little A'Le'Inn

Image #4: Our home on the playa at Burning Man.
Our Camp -- 8/31/09

Image #5: "The Man" at Burning Man.
The Man!

Image #6: The surreal nighttime beauty of Burning Man. The distant lights are indicators that you are there with over 44,000 other people.
Burning Man Art Installation -- 9/4/09

20 responses to “burning man is still in our hearts a year later

  1. Beautiful. 😀

  2. ive always wanted to go 😦

  3. Thats so 😎

  4. just like the Michigan Womyn's music festival. A life changing experience 🙂

  5. I was getting tires for my truck last week, and another guy in the tire store was getting tires on his girlfriends truck so she could make it to burning man. Not quite a 5 day drive from here, but still a good haul. Loved your last years pics.

  6. Well, the space shuttle trailer is back!

  7. Wow, that seems absolutely epic

  8. i wanna go 😦

  9. Wow! Thanks for all the cool comments.Next year, if we can go, anybody who wants to come with us is welcome.

  10. Originally posted by Travis1988:

    i wanna go

    I hope we can all go. :heart: We also have this friend that we're trying to get out of Cuba. It would be his first trip to the USA. It would be funny to take him directly to Burning Man and say, "yup, the entire USA is *exactly* like this." 😆

  11. iev wanted to go since i first saw it when i was 7 it was on the local news they talked about it and showed pictures i thought i was amazing. glow in the dark paint, craziness, fire, beatiful sky, and weird people that run naked n stuff lol it looked fun.

  12. Man, if I go with you Dave, I'd give you a bear-hug. 🙂

  13. I love road trips. count me in.

  14. Originally posted by poorpoorpeter:

    I love road trips. count me in.

    This is getting more exciting by the minute!

  15. Oh, you're going Josh.

    It sounds like I'm being forced, eh? I'm sold! 😆

  16. Originally posted by JoshuaPhelps:

    Man, if I go with you Dave, I'd give you a bear-hug. 🙂

    Oh, you're going Josh. You got to. The trip across Nevada alone is worth it, then we get to Reno 2.5 days early to get final supplies and cool our heels in a casino hotel until Burning Man departure time. We stay in casinos because the rooms are cheap, plus it's just plain ol' fun to be in one. From Reno it's a couple of hours to the site.The gate opens at midnight on a Sunday night. It takes all night to get in due to the traffic. Then you set up and have a week of glory!

  17. wuuuau

  18. Originally posted by ernestoxbox:


    Alonso, Mexico had good representation last year at the festival. :up:

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