latest reading – murder city

This just came out and I got it from the library today. The book is Murder City: Ciudad Juárez and the Global Economy’s New Killing Fields, by Charles Bowden.

So much for a tranquil weekend as I mentioned in this post, I always have to get involved in something like this. I like reading about heavy issues I guess.

I got the idea for the book from an interview the writer did on He has also written a recent article for High Country News called The War Next Door. Adam Smith's invisible hand meets magical realism on the border.

I've traveled off and on in Mexico for thirty years now. For me, it's where it's at in a lot of ways.

–Sit down and read. Educate yourself for the coming conflicts.Mary Harris "Mother" Jones.

2 responses to “latest reading – murder city

  1. An Arizona author no less. Sounds like a very intense AND informative read. Found a good article in a Tucson paper on Az Central's site here. The author of the article calls Bowden a curmudgeon. I love that word.

  2. Hey, that was a good article. Thanks. Not that I'm ever going to do much about anything, but I guess awareness is better than nothing. I've read and traveled a lot there for many years. I just finished yet another book on El Salvador in the 80's. All of these are areas of interest for me.Another good article, if you feel like continuing on this quest sometime later, is this one: journalist made a rather innocent slip in mentioning the presence of a certain person at a gathering and found that his life went to hell real fast. He barely got out of the country in time. I've been through many of those military checkpoints he mentions. Usually tourists get the waive-through, but not always. It can get scarey, especially if you're not quite sure if the checkpoint is "official", or the heavily armed men are drunk or belligerent, etc.All this is a big can of worms with tentacles far and wide. It will hold my interest for a long time.

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