large bird thing

It's a bird condominium in rural South Carolina. It's very large though not apparent in the picture. The birds all flew away or went inside when I approached for the picture.

Bird Condos

Bird Condos

9 responses to “large bird thing

  1. Originally posted by EspenAO:

    So, it's basically bird condos?

    I am just calling it a condominium for fun. I don't know what is a good thing to call it. This one is very popular. As far as I could tell, all units were occupied.

  2. So, it's basically bird condos? Looks sweet!

  3. never seen such thing before in my life 😛

  4. So each of the little hanging balls are nesting boxes? So strange we have nothing like that in England at best wooden boxes nailed to trees. Do you think it started as bird boxes or are they squatting? What birds were they? So many question Dont know why Im so interested I only have bird table for scraps but please if you can give me any more info do so.

  5. These "houses" are for Purple Martins. Purple martins are a type of swallow here in North America that nest in cavities (holes in old trees, etc) and usually nest in colonies. Their natural nesting habitat has dwindled, so many people put out these large collections of gourds or martin "houses" to try to attract them. We have a small martin house in the backyard, but it's enclosed by too many trees to actually be effective.

  6. Purple Martins on wikipedia.

  7. Cheers people the things you learn.

  8. oops just read about purple martin and found out its our starlings making them endangered. Yes thats right blame the Immigrants. If its any conselation your gray squirel our red, "(

  9. I like it. Makes an interesting sculpture and kinda reminds me of a propeller of some sort or one of those rotating clotheslines.

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