waiting for flight in nola airport

I'm trying to cop a serious, stern, frequent traveler look as I wait for a flight this morning. There is free wifi! I'll refrain from browsing porn while waiting in the terminal. :p

The airport is the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. Don't it sound cool. 😎 The ambient music inside is, of course, Louis Armstrong. :up:

4 responses to “waiting for flight in nola airport

  1. Louis Armstrong…. skokiaan. :DOne of my favorite artists of all times. Refreshing change to see an airport named after a musician, not a politician or leader…. :up:In related news: I was at a record store (technically they shouldn't be called that anymore :P) the other day and I found a digitally remastered Frank Sinatra Album. Jazz n Blues making a come back during recession? πŸ˜€

  2. Hey nice photograph. A good illustration of placing the subject off center and background capture.

  3. A good illustration of placing the subject off center

    I was drunk. j/k. :p It was a webcam snap from the laptop. I had to hold it up to take the pic. Everybody stares at my tiny little yellow netbook. I should yell out, "I coulda got the pink one, ya know!"

  4. πŸ˜† Or you could let them all wonder by saying "I've got Linux". :pingu:

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