old tv on dvd

A very pleasurable thing is old TV on DVD. The picture quality is so good, and the best thing, NO COMMERCIALS.

I already have a complete set of I Love Lucy, Keeping Up Appearances, The X-Files, and some others.

Now I would like to add to the set either Columbo or The Rockford Files. Both gave me hours of pleasure years ago.

Columbo often appeared under the umbrella program, the NBC Mystery Movie. NBC made me go to school dead tired many times as a kid. Almost as fun as watching the program was the thrill and fear of getting caught staying up so late by my parents. This may be part of the desire to see those good old programs once again.

Hmmmm, what to get?

4 responses to “old tv on dvd

  1. Yes for the X-files and Lucy :up:Hyacinth still has her reruns here, always good fun.I would choose Columbo, but don`t know the rockford files. :)Sure would love to see Twin Peaks again.

  2. That's Bouquet 😀

  3. The Bucket woman!

  4. I love Lucy is the only one i've seen. 😛

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