dead or alive – sex drive

Some of the finest drinkin', dancin', clubbin' stuff there ever was. Dead or Alive.

sex drive it sees no gender or color
so lets get together and collide with each other
sex drive ah you know how it feels
get out of my car and get under my wheels

Amarok screenshot:

4 responses to “dead or alive – sex drive

  1. I remember Dead or Alive, Spinning us around and around :lol:Eighties music, that brings back memories 😀

  2. Oh yeah. I loved dancing in the 80's so much. The first time I ever walked into a club, ABBA's "Lay All Your Love On Me" was playing. It was a golden moment. :happy:

  3. omg! That didn't even cross my mind, till now. You're good! 😆

  4. I don't wanna know about no showers! :p

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