mexican entertainment greats

I don't know why it happened to me, because I'm "puro gringo", but starting from the first time I went to Mexico in 1980, up until today, I have been captivated by Mexican culture and entertainment. Here are just a few random people and things from there that have truly thrilled me. There are so many more. Which do you like that are on or not on this brief list?

The Época de oro del cine mexicano. The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. The movies are world class, elegant, and have provided so much pleasure to me.

Vicente Fernández. How can one man produce so many hit records and movies for so many decades? His powerful voice is always instantly recognizable. His version of "El Rey" is quite stirring.

Paquita la del Barrio. She is funny, and makes a great social statement at the same time. She's also a drag favorite in some Mexican clubs.

Cantinflas. One of the world's greatest in his field. The word "peerless" comes to mind.

Silvia Pinal. Another "power actress" on stage, TV, and screen.

This list is too short? Who or what else should be here?

7 responses to “mexican entertainment greats

  1. oh hell yeah! you da man. 🙂

  2. imjustafriend

    You do also like beer:) I like that, too. In general Checkish beer is the best in my opinion, but There is a norwegina breweri that creates very good beer. They have won a lot of competitions.

  3. Thanks for the beer suggestion. I'll look for it. Always like to try a something new.

  4. imjustafriend

    Hey, anyone who like "a food place here"? I can not find any at this site, but I am mis quit new in this OPERA community even though I had my first browser long time back.Any after hours at this site?

  5. Hello imjustafriend,I do not understand your question completely. Please explain more. You are welcome to chat here, if you wish.Welcome,your friend,Dave

  6. imjustafriend

    Thanks, Dave. I might be on an other planet but I love to experience new food. Beer also for that reason. I found some places here to visit but they are quit old. Shall do a little more research:) It takes a little time for a man in my "age" to figure the community out. BUT I am an OPERA entusiast as a user and small investor. I will probably not come with any good suggestions regarding Dragonfly. But maybe some after hours talks and good food tips. We all have to eat. My touchthesky widget tells me its bed time and I have to take on a jacket when going out with the dog.

  7. imjustafriend,food, opera, opera widgets, opera community, beer. These all sound good.Don't worry about "age". Of course, on the Internet, everybody is supposed to be young and hot, or so they say. 🙄 Opera community has a better user base than I've seen in a lot of other places. We will fit in (figure into the community).Nice post.

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