we’re cooking out sunday, weather permitting

This won't be the typical beer/tequila cookout because it's Mother's Day and my mom is coming over, so we have to be good. We're cleaning the house like mad and the yard is mowed.

We should have a my opera cookout someday. It would be a good yard party, and you know, it's just not a good party unless the police show up. :yikes:

The pics are from the 4th of July, last year. As troubled as I am by current events, the 4th is still one of my favorite holidays.

Our typical cookout shopping list includes:

  • beer :doh:
  • margarita mixer and tequila
  • soft drinks (¡refrescos!)
  • chicken and barbecue sauce
  • ears of corn
  • baking potatoes
  • whole okra to char on the grill (it's really good!)
  • desserts

Have I forgotten anything?
What do you like when you cook out?
Come on over and bring a little something to eat or drink, or just bring yourself. :beer: Reedplayernc says he'll be there.

5 responses to “we’re cooking out sunday, weather permitting

  1. Looks like it's going to be delightful – as they say, wish I could be there. 🙂

  2. I can understand every word of your English. Don't be shy with it because it is fine! 🙂 Feel free to practice it with me whenever you want.There are several Vietnamese restaurants in my city. The food is wonderful!

  3. i never cook out before. But if i have a chance, i will be a cooker. i can cook many vietnamese traditional course. i'm sorry if your found it's hard to read my comments, my english is not very good. Have a nice Sunday, Dave !

  4. I see from the MOTW post that you guys are getting rained on. Thats probably the same storms that whacked us yesterday. 😦 Tornado cut a path through Stuttgart Arkansas 3 blocks wide and 3 miles long, ppl from our county are over there helping. :up: Hope ya have a safe and happy Mothers Day anyway.

  5. Yeah, there was a tornade here the other night, then wild storms today. We had the cookout anyway, grill on the porch, ate inside.Another tornado watch right now, in fact.

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