operating system swapout

After running Debian on the "big computer" since March of 2011, I decided tonight to swap it out for Lubuntu, which is Ubuntu with the LXDE desktop. Debian with LXDE still remains happily on the little netbook.

Some reasons for the big-box OS swapout:

  • Gnome has become a RFPITA, that includes ALL forms of Gnome.
  • Debian's LXDE is COOL, but Lubuntu is sexy and pretty right out of the box.
  • For the shallow geek-lite, like me, glamour on the desktop is important, so that points to Lubuntu.

My uneducated, quick, shallow, biased assessment of common desktop environments:

  • KDE – couldn't stand it anymore after Plasma.
  • Gnome 3 – RFPITA.
  • Gnome 3 Fallback – Still a RFPITA.
  • Unity – Romper Room, totally.
  • Xfce – the biggest lie there ever was: "It aims to be fast and low on system resources." Ha! I betcha find Xfce to be heavier than Gnome or KDE. Thanks, Josh Phelps, for helping me come out of the closet on this one.
  • LXDE – The only one that behaves itself and runs fast as lightning. So simple and visually appealing that you might start to have impure thoughts about it. 😀 Totally hot!

I might reverse myself on all this tomorrow, but for now it stays.

Why swap out an operating system? "If it feels good, do it."

2 responses to “operating system swapout

  1. I got recognition! 😀 I'm sticking with Slacko Puppy's default environment. Faster than lightning! Xfce was, and always will be, a lie.Likewise, it wasn't lightweight and fast. It felt like Gnome on McDonald's.

  2. Seems like you're trying to tempt me away from Gnome. Hmm, when I next upgrade the OS, LXDE may be what I'll go for.

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