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the nextdoor neighborhood network temptation

I have gotten several postal mail invites to the social networking service called Nextdoor.

Over the years the neighborhood has had other forms of communication going all the way back to listserv-style e-mail lists.

Every single attempt has been brought down by spammy realtors with burner phones, group bullies, or other such nonsense.

I might enjoy keeping an eye on things in this manner, but I’m not sure I’m up for the bull or the privacy giveaway.

Anybody have any success with Nextdoor?


hungry howie’s so proud of data cleverness

Hungry Howie’s Pizza bought a mailing list based on Brian’s date of birth. That doesn’t make me want the product, it gives me the creeps.

It’s better not to brag that you can buy and know so much. Just because it’s for sale doesn’t mean you have to buy it.

Hungry Howie's birthday card offer data mining image

Hungry Howie’s birthday card offer data mining


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