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I receive a newsletter that mentioned a new privacy e-mail service coming out this fall called StartMail. You can sign up to be a beta tester.

StartMail is related to the privacy search engines called ixquick and startpage (they are actually the same).

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Privacy Lovers:

Email Privacy is big news this week, with Yahoo's new privacy policy
saying they will perform "content scanning and analyzing of your
communications content" on all emails sent through Yahoo accounts. Talk
about abusive! Yahoo is giving users just 30 days to switch over to
their new email platform, starting June 1st (that's tomorrow). Please
see the press release below for details.

The good news is that I've been helping to develop a privacy-friendly,
paid email service called StartMail, which will be fully PGP encrypted
and will not scan user communications. After two years of development,
StartMail goes into internal beta testing on June 24th. As we work to
develop powerful privacy alternatives to big brother surveillance, your
support means more now than ever.

StartMail will be offering temporary trial accounts this Fall so you can
kick the tires and let us know what you think. lf you'd like to receive
one of these free accounts, please sign up as a beta tester at

This is an exciting time to be working on privacy. Thank you for being
part of the solution!

Katherine Albrecht

5 responses to “privacy e-mail

  1. Interesting. I should sign up for this. But with 10 email addresses I can't remember the password to and five I currently manage, I'll just stick with what I have. 😆

  2. If domain e-mail is offered, I might like it.I've been pruning e-mail accounts for awhile anyway.

  3. Good idea. I use Startpage and IXQuick all the time…and a little DuckDuckGo. But do I need another email account?

  4. I noticed in T-Bird that you can encrypt your email. Is that similar? Haven't tried it yet.

  5. Hey Bryan. I'm out in the boonies on mobile so will reply with details tomorrow. T-Bird is my fave. I use it with GnuPG encryption. More info tomorrow when I'll be in town for jury duty.

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