duckduckgo chat bot

I've mentioned the DuckDuckGo privacy search engine before in this post. I also have a Jabber (XMPP) IM account. Now the fun of both can be combined with the DuckDuckGo bot. Add to your roster, then type "help" to see the things it will do. For one it will do everything on this page. The !bang searches are fun. For example, type "!myopera slackwrdave" (minus the quotes) to search me only on myopera. I find it quite useful on my 'Droid especially.

Another plus: having a bot on your roster (buddy list) means that something for you is online 24 hours a day, even if it's not really human. :p

3 responses to “duckduckgo chat bot

  1. You need a chat bot? Try arguing with this guy. :up:

  2. Dave what phone do you have?

  3. Originally posted by ManiDhillon:

    Dave what phone do you have?

    Samsung Nexus S. You helped me sort through the reviews on it some months ago and helped save me from an HTC model that wasn't getting good reviews.It's been fine, and it's due an OS upgrade soon to ICS.

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