mystery warehouse sighting while on the road

In my deep traveling for work, sometimes strange sightings come up. This relatively quiet-looking isolated warehouse struck me as a little odd because of the flag out front. It is located on the edge of a small town in South Carolina tucked way back on an industrial side street.

As I passed it in my truck, my mildly pissy attitude popped out as I yelled inside my truck, "WTF is that doing up there?" :p Shit happens! 😀

Now, onward to Georgia.

7 responses to “mystery warehouse sighting while on the road

  1. :yes:

  2. operainchicago

    :sherlock: "in my truck". You deliver Weber grills or the propane tanks?

  3. operainchicago

    Isreal flag?

  4. No Weber grills. I have one even cooler than those. :up:

  5. Ah ha its a secret base for the new world order, we have an ex football player / news reader David Ike who out of the blue suddenly became convinced that some leading Jews among a huge list of other high powered and famous people are part of a shadowy Group called the New World Order who intend taking over the world. But unlike most anti semites he know the bigger truth, its not really a zionist plot oh no its lisard people, just like in the tv show V that was on in the 80s, they have come from another planet and have taken human form. But luckly he can for some reason hes not sure about can see them! Its so funny. The Englishs papers reported that he had planned a tour of usa & loads of white power groups had booked him to talk, Jewish groups had issued legal writs gagging him and put pressure on the venues and press to stop him. Both sides were getting very worked up about it all thinking he was using Lisards as a metaphor for 'The Jews' but he wasn't. HE DOES MEAN BIG LISARD PEOPLE. It was only when he showed up at the first venue wearing a bright purple track suit that protects him from the lisard folks mind control that both side felt rather foolish and both sides of the demostraters sort of disappeared leaving there flags and placards behind.

  6. operainchicago


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