polaroid pic just two years ago

I had forgotten that this was taken. It's amazing that Polaroid film was still around. The image below is from Jan. 14, 2008.

When I was little, I had a Polaroid Swinger camera. I still have it though there's no film for it now. That camera was fun!

Polaroid cameras were also great for taking those naughty pics in the pre-digital age. 😀

13 responses to “polaroid pic just two years ago

  1. It feels really good when you look back on the old times :up:

  2. I remember the moments everytime you made a picture. Oh, come on, hurry up, please. How does it look?Very nice polaroid of you guys.

  3. love the pic and that old technologyRemember the aroma of the film? Eww!

  4. The pic above was made on one of the last models of Polaroids, though it wasn't mine and I don't know which it was.My old Polaroid Swinger from when I was a child, the film came with a plastic cylinder of "smelly stuff", and you actually had to shellac the black and white picture after the 60 second developing time and peel off.The instructions for the Swinger were something like:–turn the knob–it says "YES"–take the pic–count it down–peel it offIt was a miracle! 😆

  5. It was the closest thing to instant checking, I remember.You know I'm not natively English speaking, so please, explain and elaborate on naughty. :p

  6. I still might have my old Swinger camera. I thought film for it was still available.

  7. Hahaha :lol:I think someone needs to adjust his profile.Fan mail from the wrong sex :whistle:

  8. spam!

  9. Originally posted by operainchicago:


    :eyes: No way !

  10. Originally posted by daxonmacs:

    You know I'm not natively English speaking, so please, explain and elaborate on naughty.

    Cocks, pussy, ass, tits, mouthfullofballs, etc.There! :up: 😆

  11. Spam reported!

  12. nice thing about polaroids, not as easy to spread digitally around the world too!

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