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comparison shopping for a dvd

I’d like to have this collector’s edition Blu-ray disc of The Dead Zone coming out in July.

Look what Amazon did. Free shipping for $25 orders, so the disc is priced $24.99. It’s like I’m being given the finger. 🖕

I’ll just get it from CD Universe where I buy most things of this type and have since the dial-up Internet days.

CD Universe also carries porn in case you have some friend who is interested in that.

fun cd/dvd shopping

I love shopping at CD Universe. I’ve been a customer there since forever. I can almost feel a sense of humor in their email subscriptions.

A few years ago, I got this great movie from there that was filmed right outside the Vatican. lol. It was a real humdinger. 😁

amazon price check fail

I just wanted to check a price, but Amazon doesn’t like my IP address (I’m on a VPN), so the progress bar goes halfway across then stops. Next image, it fails. The web server won’t serve.

Fine. What I want is cheaper over at CD Universe anyway, and they won’t give a damn about a VPN. I’ve only been shopping with them since the dawn of the Internet.

CD Universe conveniently has “adult,” too. 😉