I turn on an FM radio in a rental car today, and NPR was all “Russia, Russia, Russia.”

2 responses to “npr

  1. I gave up on NPR after W and Karl Rove turned it in to a propaganda machine more massive than it had ever been previously.

    • NPR is one of those that I won’t give a cent to even if it is a “local” fundraiser. It’s a favorite with “smart” progressive friends, especially on Facebook, who swallow it whole. Same crowd often loves MSNBC, CNN, and Maddow. As long as it’s not FOX, they give it a pass.

      I used to like to listen to it on my long pre-dawn drives to work since a couple of UNC FM stations blanket much of the state. The sound-effects department started to get on my nerves, but at least I could know what was the “official” line on things.

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