hd radio – i just didn’t know

It has been so long since I touched an FM radio that I was unaware of what had happened on that band.

I have a rental car for work for a week, and it has a digital-capable FM radio. Surprise to me, many stations come up as “HD,” and there are multiple channels per frequency. Old news to many, I assume, but my dislike of a chattering car radio wore me down long ago.

Some of the old local stations, like 98.7 Simon (formerly named KISS FM and WRQK), actually have a decent alt channel with deep cuts and low commercials.

I won’t be tuning in much due to now preferring only road noise and myself making noises while I drive, but at least the FM band seems a little better now.

As for subscription radio, like Sirius, I don’t use it unless I get a rental car, and it’s turned on for free. It’s just not my thing. Some Internet subscription music services, like Deezer and Digitally Imported, I do like and I will stream those through the car radio.

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