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breakfast sub

Breakfast. I like that Subway is open early.

It’s a veggie. No Subway cat food like meats.

pirate ice cream

It’s part of a pirate’s daily meal. 🏴‍☠️🦜

peanut butter ‘n ‘nana

crema de cacahuate y 🍌

Condemn it, criticize it.

Mi destino es el que yo

Decido, el que yo

Elijo para mí

¿A quién le importa lo que yo haga?

Tan radicool. 😎

Mas radicool que la verga Judas

peanut butter and honey on a plate

Peanut butter and honey sandwich tastes so good after aging overnight in the refrigerator. I should serve it on china instead of a paper plate.


Hi-tech lunch. 🥪

multiple tomato summers

As tomato sandwich season starts to arrive, I miss “tomato woman” who used to live near me. She had a self-service table in her front yard with sign, scale, cash box, and bags. $1/pound (.45kg). What a steal.
I often used the self-service, though it was better when she was home, as she would toss in lots of extra tomatoes and fresh jalapeños making the price/pound even lower.
She was a Spanish speaker, too, so I got free practice when she was home.
After several summers of good eatin’ and fun shooting the breeze with her, the house was empty one day. I’m hoping it was for reasons she/they wanted. I ate SO MANY of those juicy tomatoes, plus a lot of white bread and mayo.

the art of peanut butter n banana sandwich

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late-night internet chat snack

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fixins for a mater sammitch

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