OMG! :heart:

I suddenly want a Guinness.

11 responses to “irish?

  1. Me too !

  2. Originally posted by BrianFrances:

    Me too !

    Lol. Can you imagine being confronted with that as he says, "I'm feeling a little drunk."I always like to construct a quick mental fantasy to go with a pic.

  3. I would say "don't call me little"

  4. :cheers:

  5. Originally posted by BrianFrances:

    I would say "don't call me little"

    Good one! :up: We might as well get this story written.So, the next line is : "OK, let's go get some coffee." Unsaid: "at my place."

  6. Originally posted by mrbilalahmad:

    Okay. Firing up Tor, and…yup. Just as I thought: spam.

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  7. reported

  8. my Grandfather is from Sligohe came to the US sometime in the1920`s

  9. I'm happy for you.

  10. well you dont need to be happy for memy Grandfather is dead… Babylon killed him

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